What our teenagers can expect to get out of this camp?

  • New and deeper friendships
  • A sense of purpose
  • A good time
  • Excitement and challenge
  • The knowledge that other young face the same things you face
  • Support and non-judgmental listening
  • Celebration of your accomplishments
  • A sense that your community actually cares about you
  • A chance to give back, be of service and create change

    All the activities we do are designed to be fun and engaging AND to help create friendships, community and growth.

New and deeper friendship


All things are done together as a group


What kind of activities do we do

  • We have regular sharings, mornings and evenings
  • Play football and softball
  • Play cooperative games so we can practice awesome communication and leadership.
  • Making food together as a tribe
  • Go fishing and exploring the woods
  • Take the occasional trip to a swimming hole in the heat of the summer.
  • Learn how to make a fire and other primitive skills
  • We paint and play music
  • We go swimming


What happens on a Rite of Passage?

The specific activities we do at the Rite of Passage camp are kept secret. You deserve the chance to discover them for yourself. We can tell you that we mix fun with challenge, relaxation with intensity.


It is NOT a bootcamp

You are here to enjoy and grow naturally

Isn’t this some kind of boot camp

No. We are not here to “shape you up” or fix you. We have no intention of shaming you into being different or of “scaring you straight.” We know that you want to grow into a good man and we know that you want what’s best for yourself. If you need to change, you are in charge of making that happen. We just support you in that process. If you just need a chance to take a look at where you want to go from here, we provide that opportunity.

What are some modern day rites of passage, which is to say, what makes something a rite of passage?

Other more or less prevalent rites of passage, depending on your definition. The majority of these are more 'passage' than 'rite', but all are accompanied by rites of some sort or another:

  • Military service
  • Starting at school
  • Confirmation, First Communion, Bar Mitzvah, etc. 
  • First girlfriend/boyfriend
  • First sexual experience
  • School graduation
  • Turning 18 (i.e. coming of age) celebration
  • Moving you of the house
  • Coming out: one of the most significant rites of passage in one's entire life, if applicable
  • Graduating from university
  • First job
  • Engagement and marriage
  • First child
  • Buying your first house
  • First death of a very close friend/family member (possibly much earlier/later in this chronology, of course)
  • All of the above for your kids
  • Retirement
  • Death of your spouse and/or parents
  • Death
  • Funeral

What will we be doing in our camps:

Here are a few of the things we will be doing in our camps. there are some things we wish not to expose due to decreased effect if known in advance.

  • Storytelling 

Storytelling is one of the oldest and most sacred practices known to human kind. It is the primary way people share wisdom, knowledge, experiences, and spiritual awareness. Stories are at the core of community. They form the subtle structure of every initiation, ritual process, and expression of our life’s journey. The Oral Tradition is the most ancient practice of what holds us all together.  we will enter the world of storytelling and the world of Oral Tradition where we will learn to tell stories, follow the images that arise, and learn what it means to “Feed The Story.

  • The vision quest    

We have taken the universal elements of a rite of passage in constructing a program designed for people living in our modern society. Our staff are guides, serving to mirror and support participants by helping them first to prepare for their solo and then to understand and integrate their experience. The vision quester returns to our society powerfully moved by having lived close to the healing power of nature and to his or her own living spirit.