Terms and conditions

When signing up to Ritesofpassage newsletter and or other signup on ritesofpassage.se your personal data, registration and management are recorded. Personal information is in accordance with applicable legislation.


Treatment and purpose

When you sign up to ritesofpassage newsletter and or other signup on ritesofpassage.seyou agree that Ritesofpassage records the personal data needed for Ritesofpasssage to run its business and take care of yours interests as a client/customer. Personal data are only used in the framework of Ritesofpassage activities, such as mailingsof member information, calls, mailing lists for e-mail and SMS.


Personal data processed by Ritesofpassage

The data that is registered is name, address, phone number, mobile number, email, social security number, date of birth and gender. If you choose to finish your membership, we will delete your personal information within a year, but we will save you membership number and zip code for statistics and financial reporting. Who handles your personal information


Your rights

You as a member have the right to know what personal data we process, how these processed and have your personal information corrected or deleted. For questions about personal data, changes / deletion of personal data. Registry Extract, contact the Rightsofpassage email provided on the website.